Film Review – Locke


Ivan Locke ( Tom Hardy) is about to supervise the largest concrete pour in European history. That is until he receives an unexpected phone call that changes the course of his entire life.

This riveting film feels like an enormous risk. It’s essentially Locke, in a car, on a highway, on the phone to a cast of characters… and that’s it.

If it sounds out there, believe me when I say it’s one of the bravest most original films I can remember seeing.

Fortunate to have access to the film at home, I couldn’t say how it plays out on a big screen , and its receiving extremely limited release on just three screens in Australia.

If you’re a fan of Tom Hardy (as I am) and you’ve got time for writer/director Steven Knight who has also written the screenplay for The 100 Foot Journey, and is the creator of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, then you’re in for one of the more unconventional films to unfold this year. Give it a go and you’ll come away richer for the experience.

4 Stars.

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