Film Review – Snowpiercer


Bong Joon Ho is the Korean director behind one of the great modern monster movies – The Host.

In this climate change inspired horror story Snowpiercer, Chris Evans is in Captain America fighting mode taking on a trainload of soldiers as he makes his way to the front of a train that holds the last remnants of humanity after a plan to save the planet from global warming goes wrong and the entire world freezes.

A top notch cast helps to propel this film into a league of its own in terms of post apocalyptic action thrillers. There’s a deeper meaning behind much of the events unfolding as the insurgents make their way towards the head of the train from their place in the rear of the always moving juggernaut.

On a second viewing I felt much more across the subtexts and nuances that permeate the storyline of this unexpected gem.

See it now in limited release, and check it out on DVD for the special features like I will be sure to do.

4 Stars.

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