Babyteeth – Film Review

When a seriously ill teenager falls for a small-time drug dealer, her parents disapprove. However, she soon finds a new lust for life from her blossoming romance. OK, so this is a premise we’ve seen many times at the movies, but there is something so real about the way Babyteeth unfolds and answers any prickly questions it may raise about itself as it goes along, that I was happy to swallow this one whole.

 Anchored by a brilliant central performance from Home & Away’s Eliza Scanlan as Milla, a year 10 private school girl who literally bumps into gutter rat Moses, played to perfection by Toby Wallace at the train station. Screen veterans Ben Mendelsohn & Essie Davis as Milla’s folks Henry & Anna slowly reveal that perhaps Milla & Moses might just be history repeating when Milla invites Moses back to their home.

After Warwick Thorton’s series The Beach, this is hands down the best Aussie production of 2020 and a must see film for this bonfire of a stupid year. And the soundtrack is off the hook too. I had tears in my eyes for most of the film.

Too Good For Words – 5 Stars.

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