Film Review – Snatched

With Mother’s Day this weekend, be careful which new film you take your Mum to. Alien: Covenant is probably too scary for many Mums, and despite looking like a perfect Mother’s Day flick, Snatched is packed with crude humour that may not suit every Mum.

It certainly stars one of the great Mums in ShowbizGoldie Hawn.

Film Review – Snatched

As the follow up to Amy Schumer’s lead role debut in 2015’s Trainwreck, Snatched has big shoes to fill.

While the comedian/actress may not be the hot property she was two years ago, in good news for audiences, she is still just as funny.

Teaming up with Goldie Hawn, in her first film in fifteen years, the pair portray a mother and daughter on a holiday to South America that goes awry when they are kidnapped by a local gang.

Amy’s Emily Middleton is a thirty-something fuck-up who loses her job and her boyfriend on the eve of a non-refundable exotic trip to Costa Rica.

Managing to wrangle her overprotective mother as a last-minute replacement for her rock star ex-boyfriend, the two women settle in for a relatively pleasant, if low-key, few days in a luxury resort.

It is here they meet another pair of women – Ruth (Wanda Sykes) and Barb (Joan Cusack), who are just as wary of strangers as Emily’s Mum Linda.

On her first night, Emily meets the dashing James (Tom Bateman) and the couple enjoy an evening of flirting, drinking and dancing.

The next morning, James offers to show mother and daughter some local sites off the beaten track and Emily, Linda and James set off on a trip to see waterfalls and beaches.

Naturally, “Mother Knows Best” and it isn’t long before Linda’s concerns are realised when the two women find themselves inside a cell, the subjects of a ransom demand.

They manage to evade their captors momentarily and the real journey begins as they embark on an epic attempt to reach safety, encountering disinterested officials, strange locals and an Indiana Jones styled hero who may or may not be coming to their rescue.

Meanwhile Jeffrey, Emily’s brother begins his own half-assed attempt to get them back home.

Katie Dippold who wrote both The Heat and Ghostbusters has concocted a hilarious screenplay that offers gags at every turn, making Snatched a lot funnier than I thought it was going to be. A warning though if you plan on taking your Mum for Mother’s Day, the comedy is bawdy and below the belt in most places, so would not be suitable for “Ladies”…

The supporting cast add a huge amount of their own flavour to this rude, broad comedy, and it is Hawn who seems to have the least to do, which seems a shame after so long away from the big screen.

3 & ½ Stars. Jam-Packed with Laughs from Go to Whoa.

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