Film Review – The Heat


The Heat – Directed by Paul Feig

Release Date July 11th 2013

Does the world really need another cop buddy movie? We’ve had every odd couple Hollywood could think up.

Black & White – Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.

Reckless Cop vs Stickler for the rules officers in Beverly Hills Cop.

A desk jockey and an action man in The Other Guys.

One lazy slacker and one conscientious stickler for the rules in Starsky & Hutch.

And if all else fails, one human and one canine see Turner & Hooch.

Now Hollywood is trying female cops.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up as the female odd couple in this FBI meets local law enforcement buddy flick. Naturally they don’t start as gal pals, and Bullock’s super straight federal agent Sarah Ashburn couldn’t contrast more strongly with McCarthy’s slovenly, sassy Boston PD officer Shannon Mullins.

A surprisingly decent story, the pace rips along with almost constant laughs, from both slapstick comedy pieces and dialogue exchanges between the two characters and their hapless co-workers, suspects and anyone who gets in the way.

4 stars.

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