New York Day 3



Another late start, but this time still the morning at least.

More coffee in Chelsea Markets, along with the world’s stickiest bun.

A haircut at the coolest barber shop ever.

We ride the subway uptown to the Empire State Building and take lots of pictures like the one above.

Finding the food here a challenge, sticking to vego options in some cases. Avoiding fries where I can.

Ask three of New York’s finest how to get to a kids playground downtown.

They say (as they enjoy a smoko break) “Take the One…” Turns out that’s a train….

So we hop on the subway again and hop off below Canal St and head to the Hudson River Park.

Amazing kids water park, mini-golf and cool flowers. Dr Seuss eat your heart out!


It is such a concrete jungle here, no wonder any touch of nature leaps out at you.

A babysitter allows us the first adult experience – dining uptown at Nomad.

Delicious food.

A cab home and pass out after about ten minutes of Man of Steel.

Wake up 2:30am local time ( 2 hours ago) and it’s brain on.

I think I need a PS4…

See you tomorrow. X J




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