New York Day 2


Sometimes you literally have to stop and smell the roses…

Day 2 in NYC sees a late start. Coffee in Chelsea Markets, followed by a walk around the neighbourhood and the discovery of Donut Plant…


Dangerous to visit too frequently, but home to my favourite coffee – Australia’s own Toby’s Estate.

After burning off some of the donut related calories it’s my first trip in the subway which is cheap, easy, fast and friendly.

We arrive uptown and grab a pedicab around Central Park.

Our guide,a top bloke from Senegal knows every single film that has been shot in and around Central Park, from Ghostbusters, to Face-Off, Madagascar to Home Alone, it cements the iconic status of the huge green swathe for me.

Time Zone freak out commences as we leave the Park to catch a subway home…


We head downtown and grab some Mexican, with a couple of beers, as it starts to rain Then it’s time to head upstairs to enjoy HBO on Demand for the latest Game of Thrones. Best episode this season for so many reasons.

To bed for half of the night before waking at 2am for Day 3….. Empire State here we come….




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