Film Review – Edge of Tomorrow



Directed by Doug Liman

Release Date June 5th 2014

Far out. What an inventive, clever, funny film.

Tom Cruise plays against type as a coward coerced into combat against an unstoppable alien army.

And before you think to yourself “Next…” just hang on a tic.

Rather than a boots-and-all, by-the-numbers battle-fest, Doug Liman has helmed a feast for the senses.

The less you know about this film the better.

The storyline unfolds in a way we’ve seen before, but not like this.

Remember Source Code? Looper? X-Men: Days of Future Past? Any film that tackles time travel?

Well throw all that out the window, strap yourself in for the ride of the year and enjoy something that’s full of smarts, laughs, jumps, stunts and brilliant visual effects.

I love Tom Cruise, I love Doug Liman, and I’ve just fallen in love with Emily Blunt who is fantastic as the real hero of the story.

And great to see two Aussie faces – Kick Gurry and Noah Taylor in a couple of Hollywood roles.

I can’t see any reason for the is not to be a 5 star effort.

It’s up there with some of my all time favourite films and some of my newer ones.

From the very best Terminator and Aliens films, to Elysium, District 9 and the Bourne trilogy, this one is a classic.

5 Stars.




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