Film Review – American Hustle.


American Hustle. Directed by David O. Russell

Release Date – December 12th 2013

The art of survival. And it is an art. Because it’s not the strongest or the smartest that survive, but those most able to adapt. David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter) & Eric Singer (The International) have written a joyous script that, in the hands and mouths of cast Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence,  Bradley CooperJeremy Renner,  and  Amy Adams, comes to life in an extraordinary tale of con artists and law enforcement and a fight for survival in late 1970’s America.

As it says at the start of the film – “Some of this actually happened”.

Also featuring Louis C.K., Robert De Niro, and Michael Pena, this is a story that zig-zags back and forth as rapidly as the characters ping from one to another in relationships that are never on the level.

The chemistry between the players is electric, and the end result looks like they had a blast making this movie.

Essentially, Christian Bale is career conman Irving Rosenfeld who meets his match in Amy Adams character Sydney Prosser and her English alter ego Lady Edith Greensly. They fall in love, despite the existence of Mrs Rosenfeld – Jennifer Lawrence, who only needs a few key scenes to steal the movie, and live a blackmarket life swindling gullible bottom feeders out of five grand a pop.

It’s all going well until they get stung by FBI Agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) who desperately wants to make a name for himself in the Bureau.

Cue the crossing and double crossing, and you’re never really sure who to believe as everyone pretends to be in love with everyone else to get what they need.

Jeremy Renner is fabulous as Mayor Carmine Polito, a man of the people who has his own agenda in breathing life back in to New Jersey. The only thing missing from this film is a cameo from the sadly departed James Gandolfini.

This is a film to reward repeat viewings as the dialogue and performances make it a top five contender in just about every Oscar category available.

5 Stars.

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