The Keeper – Film Review

The Keeper tells the true story of Bert Trautmann – a young German soldier, captured on the Western Front as the Second World War drew to a close. Sent to a Prisoner of War camp in Lancashire, his talents as a soccer goalkeeper are soon discovered and he faces a choice between hard labour or playing soccer for the local team.

Englishman Jack Friar runs the local grocery store, as well as managing the soccer team and it’s he who convinces authorities to loan him “The German” in a bid to improve his languishing team, much to the disgust of his daughter Margaret, who can’t “forgive and forget” how England suffered in the war.

It’s a rich story based on real life events, told with great humour, honesty and humanity. I saw it in a full cinema and the whole audience were vocal in their appreciation of the film.

4 Stars – “Gripping”


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