Playmobil: The Movie – Film Review

Back in 2014, nobody, (apart from me), expected The Lego Movie to be any good. The film from Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the brains behind Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump St and Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse was outrageously funny and with animation from Australia’s Animal Logic, it looked like it was made out of Lego.

The success of that film spawned not only more Lego Movies, but also a rush to create more toy stories. It’s always going to be hard to beat the actual Toy Story series, or The Lego Movie, but Playmobil: The Movie gives it a red hot crack.

Marla and Charlie are two siblings who love to play together. One night they are magically transported inside the world of Playmobil. When Charlie is kidnapped by pirates, Marla tracks him down with the help of Del – a Food Truck driver with some serious debts, and Rex Dasher – a secret agent voice by Daniel Radcliffe.

It’s colourful, it’s funny, it’s got some fun songs, and it has an enormous amount of heart, it’s definitely a hit for younger viewers and for those of us who perhaps till collect the gorgeous Playmobil toys.

3 Stars – Colourful Family Fun

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