Finke: There And Back – Film Review

The Finke Desert Race is the largest off-road motorsport event in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia’s fastest, deadliest, toughest and certainly dustiest race. “Finke” explores the race from within: competitors, organisers, paramedics, and the drive to win against the desert at all costs, delivering a visual adventure of inspiration and danger, excitement and spills.

So goes the blurb for Dylan River’s Finke doco. His old man Warwick Thornton is responsible for two incredible feature films shot in the remotest parts of this land – Samson & Delilah & Sweet Country, so I know Dylan is comfortable shooting in places where the elements make for impossible conditions – only a maniac would race here and only a maniac would shoot here. A maniac or a genius.

This is evident in his doco because at every turn we are right there in the dusty thick of the action as hundreds of trail-bike riders race for two days from Alice Springs to the Finke River, (and back) a journey of 460 kilometres through some of the most inhospitable territory on the planet.

At the heart of the film are the competitors, some looking to retain glory, some chasing it for the first time and one lad who returning to Finke after a previous fall left him in a wheelchair. Narrated by self-confessed rev-head Eric Bana, this is an incredibly inspiring film.

Absolutely Brilliant. 4 Stars

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