The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Film Review

Angry Birds was one of the greatest successes in the early days of the iPhone, with downloads in excess of 3 billion, and a feature film starring the key characters, birds and pigs, earning a spot on the top five all time films to be based on a video game.

Given, there haven’t been a lot of video game adaptations that many of us would care to remember, but The Angry Birds Movie did succeed in translating the basic premise of the game into a story that sustained a full length flick.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 picks up where the first film ended. With Piggy Island in ruins, the pigs have rebuilt and reignited their war with the birds, but now a mysterious third island, home to a particularly frosty race of eagles, has started to bombard the other islands with giant balls of ice.

Zeta, (voiced by Leslie Jones) the leader of this third island, is fed up with the cold and wants to force the residents of the more desirable islands to move on, so she can move in.

This forces the pigs and birds to team up and embark on a mission to take out her secret weapon to ensure the safety of their worlds. With a strong voice cast including Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage and Rachel Bloom, a fun script and lots of cheeky comedy, The Angry Birds Movie 2 will be a popular choice these School Holidays.

3 & ½ Stars – “Cheeky Fun for Everyone”

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