Stuber – Film Review

Something in a different lane comes from a Canadian director and stars Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista as a blind cop on the hunt for the drug kingpin who killed his partner, fellow MCU stalwart Karen Gillan, who stumbles across an Uber diver named Stu played by Kumail Nanjiani, known for The Big Sick and Silicone Valley.

This is a riff on flicks like Lethal Weapon, with the twist that our cop is blind and his “partner” is a Pakistani Uber driver with a leased electric car.

I had VERY low expectations for this one having seen some 2 star reviews, and it is ridiculous but I had a lot of laughs so it made it worthwhile for me, as I have stupid sense of Humour, credit o Mad Magazine which sadly announced this week no new material….

3 Stars – “Truckload of Laughs in Stupid, Violent Trip”

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