Hail Satan? – Film Review

Put down your devil horns, this documentary looks inside the Satanic Temple, a group of people, not so much devil worshippers, but outsiders who feel that Christianity has become the dominant religion in the United States in a way that impacts their constitutional rights.

Focusing on repeated efforts to erect a 10 Commandments statue on state grounds, the group petition to erect a statue of their own on the grounds of religious freedom and representation – a statue of Baphomet – a Sabbatic Goat.

The film looks at the 7 tenets of Satanism and the current climate in the US around freedom of expression and legal restrictions on personal issues like abortion.

It’s hard to tell if the Satanic Temple are a legitimate religion or a movement seeking to disrupt the status quo, but it is extremely entertaining, and like a good doco should be, is also informative and unsettling.

4 Stars

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