X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Film Review

WOW. What an absolute stinker of a film. I’d seen mixed reviews on release and had very low expectations, but nothing could prepare me for how below average this movie is.

You know those family get togethers that you really try to avoid but there’s no way you can escape being there. That’s pretty much the expression on the majority if the cast’s faces on camera here.

GoT Sophie Turner stars as Jean Grey, who, as child in 1975, triggers a car accident that sees her left in the care of Professor Charles Xavier. In early adulthood in 1992, Jean is part of a rescue mission to save a space shuttle in distress and is exposed to the effects of a solar flare, and when she returns to earth and is tested at the mutant home base, her readings are “off the charts”.

It’s evident her telekinetic abilities have been souped up by this blast of electromagnetic radiation and this causes friction with her fellow X-Men and X-Women as she struggles to contain the new power at her fingertips.

It also puts her on the radar of an alien race the D’Bari led by Vuk (Jessica Chastain), whose home planet was destroyed by the solar flare.

It’s a garbled mish mash of ridiculous nonsense that has thoroughly inconsistent special effects, with some space scenes jaw dropping and others truly horrible. A late scene aboard a train with an extended gun fight is particularly stupid.

All in all it is a terrible debut for writer Simon Kinberg as his first time in the director’s chair. And as for being the second to last X-Men film under the 20th Century Fox banner, it’s a sad send-off….

1 Star. Utterly Ridiculous

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