Red Joan – Film Review

Two films out this week star a Sophie in a leading role.

From Jean Grey, to Red Joan, and despite being billed as starring Judi Dench, this WW2 spy drama primarily features Sophie Cookson whose Kingsmen co-star Taron Egeton is setting the box office on fire with Rocketman.

Red Joan tells the story of Joan Smith, a bright science student who thrives at Cambridge before falling in with Communists during the second world war. It is based on a real life person whose name I will not include as if you google her you’ll ruin the film!

Joan works for the British Atomic Energy effort as they race against the Germans…and the Americans… and the Russians… and even the Canadians to be the first to build a nuclear weapon.

Once Hiroshima is bombed, Joan’s allegiances are tested, as her Soviet lover Leo begs her to share nuclear secrets.

Judi Dench plays the older Joan who faces accusations of being a spy for the Russians.

It is an incredible true story, wonderfully written and directed, and performed to perfection.

I was hanging on the edge of my seat to the very end to find out if Joan was indeed a commie spy. My mum is going to love this one.

3 & ½ Stars. Gripping True Story Spy Drama

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