Godzilla II: King of the Monsters

It’s interesting to me that Godzilla 2 writer/director Michael Dougherty wrote the 2006 superhero flick Superman Returns which was filmed in Australia.

Of course that was the end of that lineage of Superman until the man of steel was rebooted in 2013 and went on to battle the caped crusader Batman in 2016.

Godzilla 2 very much feels like a film that exists purely to set up the inevitable Godzilla vs King Kong film, which has already wrapped production in April, and is set for release next year.

Now several years on from the events in Godzilla (2014), and Paleobiologist Emma Russell (the normally awesome Vera Farmiga) along with her daughter Madison (Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown) witness the birth of a giant larva named Mothra. Using a device developed by her ex-husband Dr Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) called an Orca which uses sound frequencies, Emma calms down the giant grub.

Game of Thrones Charles Dance plays Colonel Alan Jonah, a militant eco-terrorist who wants to “restore order” on Earth by unleashing the Titans, namely huge creatures Godzilla and pals.

Naturally he blasts his way onto the scene kidnapping the Russell women and the Orca, leaving the estranged Mark to fight for them alongside the dodgy Monarch organisation.

Throw into the mix Monster Zero, a three headed Chinese Dragon and you have all the makings of a great monster movie.

Unfortunately the human characters are poorly fleshed out and I basically couldn’t wait for all of them to die. Sadly they get way too much screen time and pretty much struggle with a meaningless script while we wait for the beasts to be unleashed.

Even talented actors like The West Wing’s Bradley Whitford, The Shield’s CCH Punder, Paddington’s Sally Hawkins and even O’Shea Jackson Jr. can’t rise above the mediocre storytelling.

This is truly a movie made for monsters to shine and when they are on screen it does, but the other half of the time it is a waste of space.

Half Good. Half Not. 2 & ½ Stars.

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