2040 – Film Review

That Sugar Film’s Damon Gameau returns with a documentary for his young daughter Velvet to show her what life on Earth could look like in 20 years if we were to embrace environmentally conscious practises with technology that is currently available today.

From solar powered villages to self driving shuttles and seaweed farms, it is a visually creative and mentally stimulating counterpoint to the doom and gloom we are accustomed to when it comes to climate change and our environment.

Most alarmingly the film suggests that reducing carbon emissions won’t be enough to save the planet, we need to reverse our footprint and there are plenty of great suggestions in the film.

I believe it is free for students to see this opening weekend, and I expect it will be a huge and powerful documentary as That Sugar Film was to help us re-valuate our relationship with sweetness. I love my coal powered electrical convenience but I also love my planet, and we need to find a way forward that promotes renewable energy as we phase out fossil fuels.

3 & ½ Stars – Essential Viewing.

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