Poms – Film Review

Diane Keaton stars as Martha, a teacher, who, after living in her apartment in the city for 47 years, and has been diagnosed with cancer, decides against chemotherapy instead setting out for the sprawling Sun Springs Retirement home in Georgia, to, and there’s no easy way of saying this, die.

Upon arrival, it’s clear she is going to have a hard time fitting in amongst the seemingly vibrant yet tightly disciplined community, and on her first night she meets her horny poker playing next door neighbour Sheryl (Jackie Weaver) who also doesn’t fit in with the broader group of senior citizens, yet has found a way to thrive in her own way.

Naturally Martha chooses not to confide in Sheryl about her terminal illness, and after unearthing an old uniform with special meaning in Martha’s life, the pair start a cheerleading squad to perform at the annual showcase.

This is a white hot cast led by Keaton and Weaver, with Pam Grier as Olive and Rhea Perlman as Alice, and the film succeeds with it’s unlikely premise, building momentum once the cheerleading squad go viral after an epic fail during an early performance.

My cinema is smack bang in the middle of a retiree paradise and the half full theatre echoed with laughter throughout the film.

I was absolutely spellbound by this film that utterly celebrated ageing and poked fun at those who live by the rules. I’m not surprised that it has had such bad reviews as I don’t think it is the kind of film that is cool to like. Weaver is magnificent as a feisty gran and in one memorable scene she shows how to take on a male bully to perfection. I LOVED IT.

“As Feel Good As It Gets” 3 & 1/2 Stars

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