Dumbo – Film Review

Tim Burton is the director who effectively kickstarted the Disney Live Remake production line with Alice in Wonderland back in 2010 – the film took over $1 Billion US Dollars at the global Box Office and since then 2016’s The Jungle Book has almost cracked $1 Billion,

Director Jon Favreau set to cross $1 billion dollars with The Lion King in July.

So no pressure then Tim!

Burton’s teamed up again with his Batman cohorts, Danny DeVito & Michael Keaton, switching roles with DeVito as the kind circus ringmaster who acquires a baby elephant with oversized ears that is a hit when it turns out he can fly.

This attracts the attention of evil Keaton as the entrepreneur keen to lure DeVito’s circus to be part of his enormous theme park Dreamland so he can exploit Dumbo UPSOT

It was always going to be tough to beat the original, and certainly Burton has created a spectacular looking film with real sets and thousands of extras, but it doesn’t quite have the same heart as the original.

3 Stars. “Bigger Isn’t Always Better”

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