Avengers: Endgame – Film Review

I’m not sure expectations have ever been so high for the culmination of any film series in history. Harry Potter, Twilight, even Star Wars can’t hold a candle to how high the bar is set for the final episode of 22 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Stones Saga.

Last years infinity war saw arch villain Thanos gather the 6 infinity stones and snap his fingers, instantly snuffing out half the universe.

Endgame picks up the story in the immediate aftermath with one of the few surviving Avengers Jeremy Renners Hawkeye facing the challenge of how to carry on with life with half the world missing.

What follows is seriously seriously incredible storytelling with the Russo brothers directing an epic finale that delivers huge emotional moments, action packed sequences, trademark comedy, and an immensely satisfying wrap up to this 22 film arc. See it ASAP to avoid the dozens of spoilers that will detract from the thrills.

5 Stars – “An Infinitely Enjoyable Epic Finale”

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