Vox Lux – Film Review

It’s 1999 and Natalie Portman stars as Celeste, a survivor of a school shooting who uses that tragedy as a platform to launch a singing career. Managed by a wily New Yorker played by Jude Law, Celeste captures the attention of the nation with her tragic story.

18 years later she’s on the comeback trail when a separate terrorist attack in Europe threatens to derail her revival.

It’s an odd film that is part Spinal Tap, peeling back the layers of how the music business works, while also examining the seemingly unlimited appetite we have for celebrity.

Portman doesn’t make her appearance until halfway through the film and in many ways it is the younger version of Celeste that is the more interesting. Gifted Aussie muso Sia contributes tunes to the film’s soundtrack and there appear to be parallels with her career so her involvement is genius. When she does appear, Portman channels superstars such as Pink and Rihanna to convey her troubled existence and chart-topping attitude.

Part Genius. Part WTF?! – 3 Stars.

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