Green Book – Film Review

This week at the movies we hit the road to see an odd couple tackle prejudice in the Award Winning Green Book.

It’s 1962 and Viggo Mortensen plays Tony Vallelonga – an Italian American with plenty of street smarts living in the Bronx.

Without work when the nightclub he works at closes, Tony scores a gig as a driver for Dr Don Shirley, a brilliant pianist Played by Oscar winner Mahersala Ali.


As The pair leave New York heading for a tour of the Deep South the big question is what can they learn from each other…?

The film excels when the pair are in conflict, either with themselves, or the people they encounter along the way. Based upon the real life experiences of screenwriter Nick Vallelonga’s Dad Tony, Green Book has already picked up 3 Golden Globes and is nominated for 5 Oscars.

See it for the wonderful chemistry between to the two leads…

4 Stars – “Powerful, Moving & Funny”

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