Creed II – Film Review

Creed 2 may as well be called Rocky 5.

In Rocky 4 back in 1985, Apollo Creed was beaten to death by Russian boxer Ivan Drago.

Now Creed’s son Adonis faces off against Ivan’s son Viktor, but will Rocky support his efforts…..?

It’s a Shakespearean tale of father and son battles that should please fans of the franchise and despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of either boxing, or sports-related films in general, the performances from Jordan, and Tessa Thompson who plays his deaf partner Bianca, deliver a decent character driven story that sits comfortably within the many scenes depicting the physical demands of the ring and the intense training required to become a champ. This would not be my first choice out of the current crop on the big screen, with Widows a truly unmissable action thriller that everyone should see.

Nonetheless, Creed 2 “Packs a Punch” – 3.5 Stars

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