Bohemian Rhapsody – Film Review

It’s hard not to love the epic tunes of Queen and if you had any doubts about how catchy these anthems are, you’ll be singing in your seat long after this sanitised version of their story that leaves out the most interesting parts is over.

Freddie Mercury’s “Definitive” 2012 biography by Lesley-Ann Jones paints a picture of debauchery and excess that is only hinted at in Dexter Fletcher/Bryan Singer’s thoroughly authorised biopic of the famous British rock band.

Sketching out the band’s early years, we are offered only fragmented glimpses into their personal lives and what might have motivated their music.

There’s no denying Rami Malek delivers an excellent version of Freddie Mercury in physical presence, (the vocals are almost 100%  Freddie’s), but the script barely touches the inner thoughts of the man behind the microphone.

Nonetheless Queen’s songs have been on high rotation in my house and I’ve dug the book back out to read though the more salacious version of events.

The film was plagued by production problems with high profile cast and crew dropping on and off the project, due perhaps to the meddling of surviving band members keen to present an edited version of the events leading up to the undeniably huge Live Aid performance at Wembley in 1985 that serves as the momentous crescendo for this tale.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a highly effective piece of marketing for the band Queen.

3 Stars. “A 2 Hour Commercial for Queen”

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