Johnny English Strikes Again – Film Review

So Rowan Atkinson is back as the bumbling spy who seems to save the day in spite of himself in the third adventure as Johnny English.

The first two have terrible Rotten Tomatoes scores, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching them with a ten year old kid, you’ll know how much fun they are. Like the first two films they are rated PG…

Ruby was home sick from school so I took her along to see Johnny English Strikes Again knowing that laughter IS the best medicine and in her words – “This is hilarious”

After a mission went wrong, Johnny is now a geography teacher, but when the identity of all of her majesty’s secret service are exposed by a hacker, Johnny and his sidekick Bough are brought back into action to try and stop the diabolical cyber criminal.

Rowan Atkinson is so brilliant at physical comedy as well as being very clever, and he also battles a stutter in real life but you’d never know it.

Lots of Laughs in Silly Spy Story

3 & 1/2 Stars

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