Film Review – You Were Never Really Here

Adapted from the novella Bored to Death by Jonathan Ames, director Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin, Morvan Callar)returns with an intense and haunting exploration of trauma and vengeance, anchored by an unforgettable performance from Joaquin Phoenix.

Joe does a job no one else will: a war vet and ex-FBI agent turned hit-man, his new line of work includes rescuing children from paedophile rings. The confronting task takes a considerable psychological toll but that’s just one of his worries after he’s hired to save a senator’s daughter. When the situation goes south, the duo are soon entangled in an unrelenting conspiracy of corruption, violence and abuse.

It’s a grim premise and grim film, exploring the seedy underworld of child sex rings and Joaquin Phoenix is well placed to play Joe. He broods his way through violent physical encounters as he seeks to redeem himself from darkness.

Intense & Harrowing

3 Stars

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