Film Review – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

The Mission: Impossible films always benefit from an ensemble cast…

And Vanessa Kirby (aka Princess Margaret in The Crown on Netflix) is fantastic as the duplicitous White Widow, but the star of the show who leaves nothing in the tank is Mr Tom Cruise as disavowed IMF member Ethan Hunt, and he goes all out to bring us a near perfect action thriller.

Vanessa Kirby in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

The films have also benefited from a fresh director each time around with Brian De Palma, JJ Abrams, Brad Bird delivering the gods. The only misifre seemd to come from John Woo who helmed the much maligned second film.

For the first time, a director has returned to direct consecutive MI films, and Christopher McQuarrie is a master of his cast and crew and storytelling once again in a tightly knit plot that traverses the globe in twists and turns.

Solomon Lane, (who was the bad guy in the fifth film Rogue Nation, and is) played impeccably by Sean Harris , also returns, pulling the strings as the remains of his organisation The Syndicate have reformed into a terrorist group known as The Apostles.

This time the villainous outfit are intent on stealing three plutonium cores that they plan to detonate to contaminate the water supply of Pakistan, India, and China, affecting a third of the world’s population.

Check out the Paramount Pictures Youtube channel for a taste of the insane stunts that make this instalment a fan-favourite in the franchise.

Clifftops, helicopters, cars, motorcycles, skydiving, roof jumping, there’s nothing Cruise won’t attempt to deliver the biggest thrills possible.

I will need to see this film again and again, to appreciate the action, and to fully comprehend the story which can be hard to follow at times due to the intricate nature of the spy game.



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