Film Review – The Accountant


“Oh shoot”, I thought.

I like Ben Affleck, but I’m not sure about his involvement in this odd looking film about a rogue numbers man.

I loved the movie Warrior with Joel Edgerton from the same director, Gavin O’Connor, but isn’t Gav the same bloke who worked on the cursed western Jane Got a Gun?

But when it comes to the writer – Bill Dubuque I absolutely loathed The Judge which he wrote the screenplay for in 2014.

That was about as much as I knew about The Accountant before heading along to watch it.

Affleck plays autistic accountant assassin Christian Wolff.

Yes. Autistic Accountant Assassin.

Sure? Why not? After all, movies about maths are not just commonplace, they can be critical and commercial successes too.


In a nutshell, Affleck was diagnosed with autism as a child, and after his mother walked out on him and his brother, was raised by his army father, who insisted that if “bright lights and loud noises” were what the young lad found distressing, then he should be subjected to both of these “because the world is a tough place”.

The Accountant

After discovering a proclivity for numbers and becoming an accountant Wolff learns the tricks of the money laundering trade from Francis Silverberg (Jeffrey Tambor) during a stint in prison, the reasons for which we do not discover until much later in the film.

The Accountant

“The Accountant” is hired by Lamar Blackburn (John Lithgow) to investigate financial irregularities in the books of his robotics company ahead of a public stock offering.

These irregularities were discovered by junior accounts employee Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick)

And that’s where I left my review of this one two years ago as I just did not care enough to write any more – but the film has cropped up again via the Guardian and this article about it being the most rented film of 2017 –  shame the movie still ain’t very good!

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