Film Review – Paris Can Wait

It is a good time to be a fan of the Coppola filmmaking Dynasty.

Sofia has The Beguiled in cinemas.

This week War for the Planet of the Apes tells a decidedly Apocalypse Now styled story…

And the family matriarch Eleanor at 81 has written and directed her first fictional feature film after directing several documentaries.

In Paris Can Wait, Alex Baldwin is Michael – a busy film producer who is dragging his wife Annie played by Diane Lane along with him to the Cannes Film Festival.

Business calls him away and so Annie sets out for Paris with Michael’s producing partner Jacques played by Arnaud Viard.

Naturally the Frenchman is in no hurry to complete the road trip and delights in showing Anne the gorgeous sights of the countryside as well as stopping off for the most delicious meals along the way.

The sexual tension simmers from the get go and it is a case of will they or won’t they hook up along the way…

The episode is based on Eleanor’s own experience when in 2009, Mrs Coppola found herself with a bad head cold which prevented her from flying. She had accompanied her husband, Francis, to the Cannes Film Festival with an expectation of continuing on to Eastern Europe, where he had business. What now? The dilemma was quickly solved by her spouse’s long-time business associate, a Frenchman, who was driving back to Paris right then. He suggested she come with him. She accepted. By nightfall she’d be sleeping in the Coppolas’ Paris apartment. And, when his meetings were over, Francis would join her pour de courtes vacances (for a short vacation). Weeks later, after returning to her home in Northern California, Eleanor regaled a friend with colorful anecdotes about her jaunt from Cannes to Paris with a cuisine-obsessed Frenchman who took her on a “trip” in more ways than one. A seven-hour sojourn stretched to forty before his gasping vintage Peugeot took its final breath and was exchanged for a rental. “That’s a movie I’d like to see,” her friend said, laughing. Paris Can Wait is that movie. Written, directed and produced by Eleanor Coppola, it is both her first produced screenplay and her first narrative feature.

It is a gorgeous to look at piece of light escapism delivering luxury food and travel porn that will delight anyone who likes beautiful countrysides and tasty looking plates, not to mention to die for hotel rooms.

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  1. l d says:

    Cant wait to see it.

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