Film Review – Pete’s Dragon


Ruby definitely enjoyed some laughs and shed a few tears in this simple tale about a young boy, Pete, who lives in a forest with his best mate a fluffy green dragon.

In an incredible series of coincidences, two of the biggest films this week are connected to the Howard family. Ron Howard of Happy Days, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13 etc ,directs a documentary about the touring years of The Beatles, and his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard stars in Pete’s Dragon, shot in New Zealand and also starring Robert Redford.

I struggled with the film’s lack of specificity, spending my ninety minutes trying to identify a time period or location where the film was set.

It’s a particularly vague story that seeks to press the same buttons as ET and The Iron Giant or Disney’s most recent live action remake The Jungle Book.

It is a safe bet for under ten’s this school holidays, and with a Disney pedigree likely to become a family classic.

I preferred the humour of Secret Life of Pets and Finding Dory and the quirkiness of The BFG. But you can’t argue with a 9 year old girl!

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