Film Review – Captain America: Civil War



Captain America: Civil War is the third Captain America film, marking the start of phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is the 13th film with nine more scheduled for release through to May 2019.

The superheroes are made to answer for the catastrophic events in previous instalments – including almost wiping out New York, Washington and the fictional Eastern European country of Sokovia.

They kick this film off with an incident in the Nigerian city of Lagos where they again damage property and cause civilian deaths.

The team must decide if they are willing to accept being under the control of a government committee or face being disbanded.

Iron Man and friends are keen to sign the Sokovia Accords, but Team Cap aren’t so convinced.

The film is being heralded as the best Marvel film so far.

Prepare to meet a host of new faces including Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman and Spiderman played by newcomer Tom Holland.

Unlike 2016’s earlier “friendly fire” superhero film that was met with a poor reception, Batman V Superman, CA:CW is full of fun, features fantastic action sequences including the standout Royal Rumble at an airport, and progresses the ongoing MCU to create anticipation for the next film, which seems to be the unrelated Doctor Strange due in November 2016.

I liked a comment on The Guardian Daily film podcast that compared directors Anthony & Joe Russo with The Lego Movie directors Chris Miller &  Phil Lord. It;s smart, fun, funny and got something to say about government intervention and consequences of vigilante activity.



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