Film Review – Creed



I’m just going to put it out there that a) I don;t like boxing and b) I’ve never seen a Rocky film.

That’d be reason enough for longtime Rocky fans to skip to the tagline which is “A Punchy Crowdpleaser that will delight Rocky Fans”.

For everyone else there are certainly enough reasons to give this film a go for your next trip to the multiplex.

Sylvester Stallone is so good as the aged champ, down but not out, peacefully running “Adrian’s Restaurant” oblivious to the offspring of Apollo Creed who has travelled from LA to Philly to look him up.

Michael B Jordan is absolutely sensational as Adonis, the young up and comer, illegitimate offspring of Apollo, who spent is early years in boys homes fighting with the other kids until Apollo’s wife took on the role of raising him as her own son.

The whole thing seemed so unlikely that there is a good dose of belief that will need to be suspended throughout a good portion of the film.

I’m able to swallow many preposterous plot premises from the worlds of Science Fiction and Superhero, just not so readily the rags to riches tales in Sporting flicks.

I did enjoy Southpaw more than this film, perhaps as I find Jake Gyllenhaal utterly electrifying, particularly in that film, and Creed aka Rocky 7 is definitely a highly watchable movie for the casual bystander and sure to be a fan favourite for updating the franchise in classy fashion.

3 & 1/2 Stars.

A Punchy Crowdpleaser that will delight Rocky Fans.


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