Film Review – Secret in Their Eyes


Something intense this week is a remake of an Argentinian film called Secret in Their Eyes.

Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor are special investigators working in counter terrorism in 2002 when Robert’s daughter turns up dead outside a mosque they’ve had under surveillance. Nicole Kidman is the lawyer they count on to make the case, but when events don’t go to plan due to strings being pulled higher up, they must live with the burden of injustice.

Julia Roberts gives an incredible performance, as does all the cast, as the story jumps forward more than a decade after the original crime, and the characters must decide if they want to take another shot at justice.

The film poses a fascinating question of exactly what would be justice for the murder of a child? A story of justice, truth, secrets, priorities integrity and obsession. A spellbinding thriller – 4 & ½ stars.

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