Film Review – Sleeping With Other People


Here’s a strange beast of a film.

Jason Sudeikis is Jake, who shares a loss of virginity at college with Lainey (Alison Bree) when her intended date is “unavailable”.

Fast forward 12 years and the couple reunite by coincidence at a SLAA (Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous) meeting, with Lainey subsequently looking Jake up online after he awkwardly blurts out “I’m on FaceBook”.

They commence a platonic relationship, with sexual tension simmering, necessitating a “safeword” which that agree on as “Mousetrap”.

Intertwined with this narrative, Jake, along with his childhood pal Xander (Jason Mantzoukas) have just sold their vague digital idea for a hefty sum, leaving Jake free to pursue his primary love – sleeping with women.

The inability to form lasting relationships is what seem to connect Jake and Lainey, although it remains, unclear if this has anything to do with their initial one time hook up.

They make great pals, and both meet other people with whom serious relationships seem promising, but they keep sabotaging them – is it because of their aforementioned relationship issues , or because they are in love with each other?

There are some very sexy scenes, as there is a fair bit of casual sex, some totally hilarious scenes, like breaking up in public places, SLAA meeting confessions, taking drugs at a kids party and several more, but overall, the tone felt like it kept shifting between genres, and it was unclear who to root for with so much rooting going on.

I found Sudeikis and Bree charming and with real chemistry together, so it was frustrating when their characters couldn’t seem to recognize their natural affinity for each other.

This would be a cracker film to see on a date in the first few months of a relationship to get a feel for what the other person has in mind in regards to where things are heading.

It is sure to bring to the surface lots of uncomfortable questions, some of which might be best left unanswered.

3 Stars.

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