Film Review – Miss You Already



Alongside Black Mass in cinemas this week is another performance that will absolutely receive an award nomination, this time for best actress comes from Toni Collette as Milly, a PR executive who is diagnosed with breast cancer.

This naturally has a huge affect on her family and friends, none more so than best friend Jess, played by Drew Barrymore.

The two have been friends since meeting at school, going on to share their first kiss, sexual experience and much more, remaining best friends for several decades.

I wasn’t enjoying this film at all. I did not like Toni Collette’s character very much, and the whole thing felt contrived.

Once the cancer begins to play a more significant part in the story, the film went up a notch.

From a sub par chick flick to something extraordinarily powerful, the chemistry between the two female leads blew everything else on screen out of the water, and builds to an immensely emotional climax.

From the director of Twilight Catherine Hardwicke (amongst many other films) and expanded from a radio play, this is a film to see with someone you love. And a jumbo box of tissues.

4 Stars.

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