Film Review – The Intern



70-year-old Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro) is dissatisfied with his life as a retiree and signs up to be part of a senior internship program at a hip Brooklyn e-Tailer, founded and run by Jules Osten (Anne Hathaway).

The business is booming and Jules is struggling to cope with the demands on her professional and personal life.

I was so 50/50 on my expectations of this film – that I went so far as to watch the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Pre3dator beforehand, just to get psyched for what felt like a chick flick.

My only regret on seeing The Intern is that I did not see this with my wife as I reckon she would have loved it too.

Full of laughs, and genuinely touching moments, The Intern weaves it’s way through vast tracts of real life territory, from how society regards the elderly, to the role of successful women in the workplace and how they juggle their demanding family life in conjunction with that.

Watching De Niro and Hathaway breeze through this film should provide sufficient satisfaction for most sentimental moviegoers, myself included.

Thoroughly charming, a feel good movie for adults.

3 & ½ stars.





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