Film Review – Hot Pursuit



Hot Pursuit

Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergera – together at last, Said nobody. Up until now.

A modern day female odd couple/buddy/road trip comedy crime caper that looks as ridiculous as it sounds, Hot Pursuit succeeds as an entertaining, funny film on sheer effort alone and the awkward chemistry of it’s two leads.

If you stick around long enough to watch the outtakes during the end credits you’ll see that the two chicks had a helluva fun time making this flick.

Witherspoon is policewoman Cooper, a disgraced daughter of a legendary police officer,  currently relegated to the evidence room after she misinterpreted the phrase “shotgun” while on duty, with, I might add, hilarious results.

Cooper is brought back into the field to assist in the transportation of a drug baron’s wife Daniella Riva – Vergera. Tasked with getting Riva to court to testify against a drug lord kingpin, Cooper finds herself out of her depth when a fellow officer is shot down my masked gunmen leaving her in charge of the witness, and on the run unsure of who she can trust.

And Cooper out of her depth is the key ingredient in making this far-fetched premise actually work.

Witherspoon’s height and general appearance make up about 10% of the gags, and Vergera’s latino background another 10%.

The remaining 80% of gags come in all shapes and sizes and surprisingly many of them hit their mark. All in all it’s lively fluff and these two names work well together and had me entertained for 87 odd minutes.

Turns out enjoying this film is not a crime.

3 Stars.

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