Film Review – X + Y


A socially awkward teenage math prodigy is helped to earn a spot at the International Mathematics Olympiad thanks to a grumpy teacher with MS.

Autism and MS, rather than gimmicks, these are conditions that two of the characters in this beautiful film deal with, one with a gift for mathematics, the other with a truckload of pills.

Asa Butterfield from Hugo is Nathan, whose father dies in a car accident when Nathan is just 5 years old. His father being the one person that seemed to understand him.

His Mum Julie played by Sally Hawkins does her best in spite of the fact that Nathan regards as her a bit of a lightweight, especially as she failed maths at school – something he has a gift for.

Into their lives comes Mr Humphries played by the marvellous Rafe Spall, afflicted with MS, he wants Nathan to excel at the Maths Olympics and the chemistry between these two characters is the glue that binds this gorgeous film together.

4 Stars.

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