Film Review – Jupiter Ascending




Has there ever been such scrutiny on a Sci-Fi film quite like that experienced by Jupiter Ascending?

Directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski (as The Wachowskis), this effort follows up the sprawling genius of 2012’s Cloud Atlas, and will certainly be remembered for being the most bonkers blockbuster since Waterworld. Which, for the record, I love.

Mila Kunis is Jupiter Jones, born at sea en route from Russia to a new life in America, specifically Chicago, she works alongside her widowed mother, cleaning toilets for a living.

As she explains repeatedly at the beginning of the film – “I Hate My Life”.

You’ve perhaps guessed by the poster that all is not as it seems with Miss Jones, and sure enough a motley crew of rival aliens have travelled to Earth from far flung planets, keen to have her in their custody lest her secret(s) be revealed. (SPOILER – Namely that she is the genetic reincarnation of planetary royalty and is destined to rule over Earth as its Queen.)

Enter into the picture Caine Wise (Channing Tatum), a dashing, dog-like hero who uses jet-propelled roller skates to gad about the galaxy.

If the ever-expanding Marvel Universe is any indicator of the rise of “Geek” Culture, Jupiter Ascending represents what happens when The Revenge of The Nerds happens in real life.

In this case the Nerds are The Wachowskis and they have meticulously crafted a love letter to all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Superhero, put said love letter into an intergalactic microwave with a bucket of pixie dust and a pinch of LSD, delivering us the most definitively mind boggling film of the decade.

If you thought the Matrix Trilogy or Cloud Atlas were hard to follow – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

This film is the bastard red-headed step-child lovingly adopted by a family that includes Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Mad Max, Game of Thrones (Hello Stinger Apini), and any other assorted relative of Saturday morning superhero comic-books and cartoons that happened to drop in for a night and never left..

There’s flying lizard villains, (similar to The Lizard from Spiderman,) and while there’s dozens of other familiar elements in this spectacular Sci-Fi soup, there’s also something startlingly original about the whole affair.

Eddie Redmayne’s performance as a hoarse-whispering intergalactic villain is spellbinding, and the entire casts commitment to their performances elevates J.A. far beyond a realm it has any right to inhabit.

With the release date delayed by 7 months, reportedly to allow the special effects to be polished to a shine, Jupiter Ascending is worth the wait for Sci-Fi Fanatics, as this is a brilliant visual spectacle and it would be a crime not to flock to a cinema near you to see it on the biggest screen possible. On opening day.

4 Stars.

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