Film Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service


This one is a tonne of fun for fans of James Bond and Austen Powers.

It’s full of action and laughs, and thrills with a few thoughtful comments about modern society and our obsession over all things electronic.

A lunatic environmental terrorist Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) embarks on a strategic campaign to give away mobile phone sim-cards across the planet with the aim of triggering violent psychotic episodes in the users, who turn on one another, thus reducing the world’s population and the strain we put on the globe.

The only people who can stop him are a previously unheard of branch of the UK Secret Service – The Kingsmen. Led by Colin Firth as Harry Hart (codename Galahad) and his unlikely fresh recruit Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin  (played really well by newcomer Taron Egerton), the film takes all kinds of twists and turns as it careens across the globe leaving a trail of destruction in a wake of cartoon violence.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-AssX-Men: First Class) it’s hugely entertaining and aimed squarely at 15-35 year olds who will enjoy this tasty, if not tasteful slab of big screen action.

The violence is deliberately over the top, and one long scene in a church was a bit much for me, and a single line gag at the end of the film fell flat for me, but overall it’s an entertaining jaunt spiced up with a cast that includes Mark StrongMark Hamill, and . But it’s real stars are the primarily young cast especially two of the key female characters (played by Sophie Cookson & Sofia Boutella) who are clearly having a ball.

I prefer my spies a bit more serious, like the Bournes and even the Bonds of the world.

3 Stars.

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