Film Review – Paper Planes



A film not only shot in Australia, but written, produced and entirely created here starring some of our favourite faces including Sam Worthington, Deb Mailman, David Wenham and the gorgeous Peter Rowsthorn as teacher Mr Hickenlooper, is out this week. Playing to packed houses for school holidays right across the country on its opening weekend, Paper Planes tells the story of a 12 year old boy from outback Australia called Dylan. He enters a paper plane competition in the hope of making it to Japan for the world championships. This film based on a true story is really sweet, quite funny and hits all the right notes for it’s intended audience of primary school aged children and their families.

The film excels thanks to the wonderful performances of its young cast including the fantastic Ed Oxenbould as Dylan and his cheeky mate Kevin, played by the excellent Julian Dennison.

Another highlight has to be old school actor turned politician Terry Norris, who almost steals the film as a frisky Grandpa who saves the day when Ed needs to raise money to realise his dream.

A top family flick. 3 stars.

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