Top Five Flicks for School Holidays.


With still a week to go of keeping minors entertained, here’s my top five must see school holidays flicks.

Number 1 – Guardians of the Galaxy.

By far and away the most exciting and hilarious film, catch it before it’s gone from the big screen. It’s Rated M, but suitable for those kids ten and up.

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Number 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It’s tough to pick a runner up to the Guardians, but the one fun film that surprised me these holidays has to be Turtles. It pokes fun at itself, and it’s only agenda seems to be having a good time. Tick.

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Number 3 – The Boxtrolls.

Visually this film is without equal. The stop motion animation follows on from previous efforts ParaNorman and Coraline and had my 7 year old daughter on the edge of her seat the entire film. I thought it lacked a fully realised story/script, but nobody asked me!

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Number 4 – The Maze Runner.

Ok, so my list feels REALLY boy-slanted, and also for the over tens, but there is a lot of content for that demographic and let’s face it – Mostly I’m really just a ten year old boy at heart. My 14 year old son really dug this and I thought it was really slick.

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Number 5 – Boyhood.

Stuff it. If I’m going to lean towards the fellas I may as well go all out, right? This is my favourite film of the year. If you are a divorced father of sons or daughters – go see this now.

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Runners Up –

So there’s a bunch more flicks for kids, including House of Magic –

Step Up All In –

And Planes: Fire & Rescue –

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