Los Angeles – Walt Disney’s House.

JD Disney WW2

I’ve had an incredible last week or so, flying to Los Angeles and New York to report on a number of events for the 7 Network in Australia on behalf of Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers.

First off I was invited to meet legendary Walt Disney animator and executive producer of Maleficent, Don Hahn at Woking Way in Los Feliz in the hills of LA. Don’s credits also include Beauty & The Beast and The Lion King. He directed a brilliant documentary about Disney’s Renaissance Age of 1984-1994 called Waking Sleeping Beauty.

Appropriate then to meet him at the residence that Walt had built for his family, and lived in for 18 years, to discuss the Sleeping Beauty related film Maleficent.

Walt at Woking Way

I was particularly excited as Walt had overseen the making of Snow White from here, and Don’s knowledge of Disney history and folklore meant that he would make for a great interview.


You’l be able to see my chat with Don on the 7 Network’s Weekend Sunrise around the time that Disney release Maleficent on DVD and Blu-Ray in November.







Next up I head to the Roy E Disney Animation Studios to meet the folks behind this years next monster hit. Or should I say Robot hit……

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