Film Review – Hercules


Directed by Brett Ratner 

Starring Dwayne Johnson


I wasted close to 98 minutes of my life seeing this film. In the spirit of professionalism I’ll round my investment up to 100 minutes by writing this review and that’s it.

You could save yourself some time by understanding that the Iraqi Shoe Toss Guy sums up exactly what you’ll want to do to the screen if you see this film at the cinema.

I love a good Sword and Sandal Saga. And by that I mean big battles waged in hand to hand combat.

The Last Samurai.


The Lord of The Rings.

Throw in TV series like Rome and Spartacus and you’ve set the bar high.

This film has been phoned in on a bad line by repeat offender Brett Ratner.

-1 Star. Yep Minus Motherfucker. To add insult to injury I sacrificed tickets to see an advance screening of Guardians of the Galaxy. You owe me “The Rock”.

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