Film Review – Charlie’s Country



This is such a mesmerising piece of film it’s hard to know where to start.

I could have just watched David Gulpilil and his mob for hours. As a middle class white Anglo Saxon Australian, my interaction with our indigenous population is minimal.

I live an urban life, as part of the Western system.

I’ve stepped outside those confines at different times in my life and had glimpses into how messed up our way of life appears to those not indoctrinated into our lifestyle of possession and consumption.

But to give you an idea of how brainwashed I am, after watching this film, I could not get myself a shopping trolley full of wine and groceries fast enough. And I’m not kidding.

There’s an emptiness inside some of us that can never be filled.

I know one thing that quenches that void for me. It’s nature.

Getting out into the Australian landscape immediately soothes my soul.

I’ve been to every state and territory. I’ve been to Broome, I’ve seen Uluru, I’ve even climbed a lookalike.

But to live as part of this rugged, beautiful and bountiful landscape of ours for forty thousand years and keep it in pristine shape as the Aboriginal Population have done is a credit to their culture.

And to see what we have done to the countryside in less than two hundred and fifty years is a disgrace.

Farming, mining, developing, polluting. All part and part of “our” way of life.

And all foreign to the native inhabitants of this majestic land.

It’s no wonder White Australia has focused such an enormous energy on finding things to be proud of – The Anzacs, our sporting heroes to name two, because we carry a burden of shame.

For the way this country was settled by Europeans.

The dis-service, disrespect and total lack of understanding of how the Aborigines work in harmony with the land and animals of Australia is still an alien concept to most of our population.

Hopefully this film can offer a glimpse into what went wrong.

It’s certainly the most powerful piece of cinema I’ve seen in some time and I’m grateful to be able to share my thoughts after watching it.

An absolutely outstanding Australian film.

4 & 1/2 stars.

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