Film Review – Sex Tape


Here’s a movie I don’t want you to see. At least not at the movies on the big screen.

It’s not the worst movie ever made, there are just so many better comedies about this topic that you should see first. And when I say topic, I don’t mean “Sex” I mean “Relationships”, because ultimately that’s what’s at the heart of Sex Tape.

Firstly start with just about any film by Judd Apatow, but especially This Is 40. (Which BTW features a great performance from Segel.)

Once you’ve seen Apatow direct his wife Leslie Mann and their kids in This Is 40, then you have the benchmark for top shelf films about marriage and life and relationships and how we hold it all together as we get older and the flames of passion may have dimmed by some degree.

In Sex Tape, Cameron Diaz, who frankly is not believable AT ALL as a mother, Annie, and her husband Jay – Jason Segel, who frankly only works for me when he is being funny, not sincere, because he doesn’t come across as sincere, but rather IN-sincere, decide to film themselves having a sex marathon acting out all the positions in The Joy of Sex to spice up their relationship.

The problem I have with this film is that this alone is not sufficient a plot device to engage an audience for a feature length film. It would make for a good plot line as part of a broader story, but it’s the one and only thing going on in this film.

They make the tape, it gets synced to different devices and they have to try and stop people they know from seeing it.

There are so many moments that are outright preposterous that they detract from the film. Like seriously, who buys new iPads every year and just gives the old ones to family members, friends and even the mailman?

Weirdest moment is when Jack Black appears on screen in a random cameo as a porn website head honcho.

Two positives – Rob Lowe who is superb and sublime as Annie’s potential boss, and the high volume of attempted gags in the film. Comedies are one of the hardest genres to do well and these guys at least give it a red hot go.

One for a date night at home on iTunes or DVD in a few months… In the meantime there’s 22 Jump St, Jersey Boys and even still X-men to see and enjoy.

3 Stars.

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