USA Day 15 – NY to LA.

It’s Goodbye NYC, Hello LA.


Great to see glimpse of home at LAX with an AFL game on cable in the bar….


Bit of a surprise today when I learn our daughter Ruby has to fly the aircraft between New York and Los Angeles…



She did a great job and we found ourselves on the West Coast in the early afternoon jumping in a car heading down the freeway to Disneyland.


We check into the Disneyland Hotel, just footsteps away from both Disney Parks, we have a quick dip in the pool before heading over to see what all the fuss is about.


We have a delicious meal in the Disney California Hotel’s restaurant Napa Rose and decide to have a quick scout around California Adventure Park.

We head up onto the Ferris Wheel to catch the incredible view across the park and head back to the Hotel to plan our day for the following morning’s assault on Disneyland…

How can you not have Sweet Dreams in a place like this?!




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