New York Day 13


So it turns out New York and Brisbane are almost identical. In that they both have heaps of bridges.

And brown water.

And good looking people and pleasant weather.

After thinking I’d spotted “The Brooklyn Bridge” a half dozen times, only to discover that no, that’s the Manhattan Bridge or the Williamsburg Bridge, finally we came across the real thing. It’s fascinating history is detailed here.


That was after we took the L Train from Chelsea under the East River to eat ourselves silly here…


It’s called “Smorgasburg” and showcases the best food in Brooklyn every Saturday. From ice cream sandwiches to fried chicken, mac and cheese to tacos, come with an appetite.

We took the ferry to Jan’e Carousel and then the subway home. My wife photo-bombed me. I’ve never been prouder of her.


And I was going for this more sombre pose….


Later in the day I did my cross back to Australian TV, giving my reviews on The Rover and How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Then we took a cab to dinner at Mr Chow’s, probably our favourite NYC experience in two weeks.

And still the selfies continued….


Good night y’all.

Tomorrow here it’s Father’s Day, so I get two this year. Awesome.

We are also off to see another musical.

Let’s hear it for Nuuuuuuuuuu York…….


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